Girls' Varsity League - Round 1 Summer 2018

  • July 10 – 31, 2018
    Round 1 will feature two 6 team pools that will be played over the first two weeks of play. We assigned teams to minimize conference match-ups, etc. Upon completion of Round 1 teams will be reseeded into Round 2 based on their finish in Round 1 to make the final 2 dates more competitive.

    All teams will play 10 matches over the 4 dates. Matches will be played 2/3 format to 25 (no cap). Deciding sets will be played to 15 (no cap). Matches will be played at 6, 7, 8 or 9pm. Referees will be provided.

    Results will be entered weekly and maintained on the league website at

    Teams will advance to Round 2 based on the finish in their Pool during Round 1. The Top 3 teams from each pool will advance to the Championship Division. The Bottom 3 teams from each pool will advance to the Consolation Division.

    Ties in match record will be broken based on Set% then Point %. If still tied, a coin toss would be used.

    - Warm-Ups will consist of 2 minutes of shared court and 4 minutes of court time for each team
    - Matches will be played 2/3 format to 25 (no cap). Deciding sets will be played to 15 (no cap)
    - There are no substitution limits for the league; Teams may sub as often as possible
    - Liberos can be used as normal and can serve for one player/set
    - Jerseys are not required
    - We ask that rosters stay the same each night; meaning a player cannot play on two different rosters on the same night unless approved by VC United
    - Coaches are allowed to be on the bench (per IHSA Rules) but are not required to be in attendance; we do ask that a parent contact be provided if the coach is not in attendance

    - We will provide a 1st official for all matches that will:
    - Keep Score
    - Signal the start of each point
    - Call balls in and out
    - Call net violations
    - Call obvious ball handling violations
    - We ask coaches/players to assist officials when possible with tight calls

    - VC United will provide warm-up balls and game balls for all teams
    - Admission for Spectators is FREE
    - No outside food or drink is allowed; Players may bring refillable water bottles
    - No outside chairs/seating is allowed
    - Players are asked to keep their bags in the designated shelving units located on the turf area inside the volleyball courts
    - Concessions will be open during the league with deli sandwiches, drinks and other snacks
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