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Note: You can try all features for free while your schedule is private (visible only to yourself) to make sure our scheduler works for you – you only pay once you're happy with the result and want to share your schedule with your teams/parents/coaches.

Tournaments are pay-per-event with a simple $3/team pricing

Leagues are subscription-based starting at just $4.95/month – or put another way, 16 cents per day.

 PlanMonthly CostTeams includedPRO features
FREE FREE (with ads) 25  
LITE  $9.95  50  
PRO BASIC  $9.95  25  ✔︎
PRO  $19.95  100  ✔︎

Teams are counted across all your schedules each month.

Extra teams, beyond what is included in your plan, are charged at $0.49/month, except for PRO ($0.19).

FREE allows a maximum of 25 teams across all your schedules and will display ads on your public schedule. Export is not available under the free plan.

Full Service

Starting at $5/team (minimum $50) we will do all the busywork for you. Please contact us through chat  if interested (note: you need to be signed it for this link to work).



Yes. Once you've published your schedule, you'll be able to print it. Just hit ctrl+P / command+P as for any other website. Printer-friendly formatting will be applied automatically.

To print just the schedule without standings click the    next to the Standings heading before printing.

You can also use the division and/or team filters at the top of the schedule before printing.


Entering Scores

In order to enter scores, you will need to publish your schedule. You will see score input boxes on each game starting the day it is scheduled (see screenshot). Simply input the scores and hit Save Scores on the bottom right. Standings will update automatically.

Enter scores


Can I still make changes after publishing my schedule?

Yes. You do not lose any functionality after publishing.


How do I make manual adjustments?

You can edit almost anything about a game by clicking on it (venue, date, time, referee), via drag'n'drop (teams, games), or through the edit game dialog (week, assistant referees, friendly (not counted for standings)).

sports schedule generator - manual adjustment options

Deleting a Game

Click the Edit Game button (see image above) – there's a delete button on the resulting dialog.


Can I export my schedule?

Yes – simply click SHARE on your schedule and find the Export section. You can export to generic CSV or SportsPress-specific CSV.

Note: use SportsPress CSV for the Events Importer and regular CSV for the new Fixtures Importer

Sample CSV Export (6.4 KB)

Sample SportsPress (Events) CSV Export (1.4 KB)


How do I show Bye Weeks?

If you have an odd number of teams and you want to give no more than one game per week, you can give Bye weeks by reducing the number of games.

Example 1: 7 teams playing 6 games in 7 weeks – this will give each team one Bye over the course of the season.

Example 2: 5 teams playing 8 games in 10 weeks ––> 2 byes per team

Example 3: 11 teams playing 10 games in 11 weeks ––> 1 bye per team 


How do I assign Home Fields?

You can assign teams to specific home venues in the PRO version via the Manage Venues dialog (on the Schedule Maker tab). Simply click the home icon next to the venue and select the team from the dropdown. Click the check mark to save.

League Scheduler Home Venues


Can I hide the standings table?

Yes. Please drop us a note and we'll take care of it for you.



 What's PRO?

Upgrade your league schedule to PRO to use these advanced features (tournaments are PRO by default):

  • Playoff Brackets

    Add one or multiple playoff brackets. With or without consolation games or third place game.

  • Multiple Divisions

    Show multiple divisions (e.g. age groups or different skill levels) on the same schedule. Share times and venues between divisions, but keep teams separate.

  • Scheduling Constraints

    Prevent 2 or more teams from playing at the same time, add team requests (e.g. don't schedule Team 1 on Thursdays after 7pm on Field 2), schedule a division only on certain days, times, or venues. Our scheduler does the hard work for you.

  • Varying game times by week

    Does your field availability change over the course of the season? No problem. With the full version, you can enter game times for specific weeks.

  • Calendar View

    Visualize and adjust your schedule via drag and drop on our calendar.


How do I make a schedule with PRO?

The basic process for generating your schedule with the PRO version is as follows:

  1. Create Your League or Tournament
  2. Add Teams
  3. Define Game Times
  4. Define Scheduling Constraints [optional]
  5. Generate Schedule
  6. Publish and Share

[Watch a short video showing the basic process - coming soon]


Why aren't my changes being applied to the schedule?

Some changes (e.g. adding more teams, changing the number of games or duration of games) require regenerating your schedule. To do so, click the red Erase Schedule button on the Schedule Maker page, then click the green Generate Schedule button again.



PRO only

You can create single elimination playoff brackets (with one or two legged ties) under Divisions on the Schedule Maker page.

You can have more than one bracket per division if necessary.

Playoffs are constrained to teams within a division.

Consolation Modes

Full Consolation – gives all teams in the bracket the same number of games. Losers simply drop to a lower bracket and keep playing until each rank is determined.

Third Place – adds a third place playoff match for the losers of the semi-finals (like FIFA World Cup, for instance)



Divisions are treated like separate leagues (think Premier League vs. The Championship).

There is no cross-division play as in American leagues like the NFL or NHL etc.

You can split divisions into pools and play round robin games within each pool, then combine the pools of a division into one playoff bracket and seed it with e.g. 1st of Pool A, 1st of Pool B, 2nd of Pool A, 2nd of Pool B, and so on.

To create pools, click the Create Pools button on the Schedule Maker. You'll see the pools under Divisions. You can drag and drop teams between pools to change the assignment.

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