Men’s Evangelical Softball League Rules

Purpose: The league is operated for the fellowship and enjoyment of the players, and the advancement of the cause of Christ and his church. Please remember the spirit of league should be to emulate Christ in our actions and attitudes. We strongly encourage each team to utilize the league to reach out to unsaved or unchurched players and to set a Christ-like example.

Teams: Teams are to be primarily made up of church members. Minimum age will be 16 by the start of the season. In cases where one team does not have enough Christian ballplayers, the league will work to place church members whose church is unable to form a complete team with another church group in the same situation. Our intention is to limit each team to a maximum of 4 “Outreach Players”. An “Outreach Player” is an individual who you truly desire to reach with the Gospel of Christ.“Outreach Players” should not be selected for their athletic ability. Coaches will make a concerted effort to invite “Outreach Players to Church functions as well as witness to these individuals. Each player on the team will be required to sign and accept a league agreement that states the responsibilities of playing in this league. Players who do not accept these terms will not be allowed to play. Each coach is asked to turn in a team roster which highlights players that to the best of the teams knowledge are unsaved before the 1st game.. With these rosters we will encourage churches and players to pray for the unsaved throughout the season. In addition we ask that rosters include mailing addresses of each player so that during the season some evangelical material maybe directly mailed to all players.

Umpires: Umpires will call the game from behind home plate. The umpire is in charge of the game and will make all decisions pertinent to the playing of the game. Umpire decisions may be protested only in the case of interpretation of the rules and not on a “judgment call”.

Protests can only come through the coach. When a game is protested, the manager must state at that time that the game is being continued under protest and a written argument must be submitted to the commissioners within 2 days.

The umpire is to be paid $50 before the start of the game, $25 from each team.

Conduct: Players (and church spectators) will conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with Christian principles. Our league maintains a valuable testimony to umpires, other players and the public. Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, profanity, and “unsportsmanlike” behavior will not be permitted. Coaches are to act as the teams spiritual leader and handle any problems in a Christian manner.

The Rules: A.S.A. rules will govern with the following exceptions;

Nine players are required to play.

The number of batters is unlimited. Once a batting order is established and rosters exchanged, it cannot be switched regardless of the player’s position in the field. This rule has been established to maximize playing opportunities for participants. As the spiritual leaders of the team, all coaches are encouraged to keep a Christian perspective when establishing playing time. Players can be deleted from the batting order, however they are not eligible for the remainder of the game. Players that are to be deleted must be reported to the umpire before the start of the inning. Once a player is deleted from the batting order, he can not be reinserted. If batters are removed they must be removed from the bottom of the order, not randomly.

Courtesy runners are allowed for those who have legitimate injuries. The “courtesy runner” will be the last player to make an out. If a injured runner ever takes second base, he will not be given a courtesy runner the rest of the game.

After two strikes the batter is allowed one “grace” foul before being called out on a “ third strike foul”.

The commissioner must be notified when a player is ejected by the ejected players coach. In addition to being ejected, the player will be suspended for the next two games. Two ejections in the same season will make the player ineligible for the reminder of the season including playoffs. Coaches will vote the next season to allow or disallow a ejected player in the league.

The Game: Starting time is 6:30 pm normally, 6:15 in April due to diminished daylight. A game will be forfeited at 6:45 if a team cannot field nine players.

Both the home and visiting team must provide one brand new ball. All balls must be ASA approved and are 12”, “restricted flight” balls type “52 Core” with 300 compression. Diamond Zulu is the preferred ball

Please try to ensure that similar balls are played with in each game.

For sake of safety the Men's Church Softball League only allows use of certain league approved bats. Use the information below to determine bat eligibility.

Men’s Church Softball 2021 *Updated Bat List

*If bat is not listed here, it is not allowed

*These bats are all single-wall, non-composite

Anderson Flex

Demarini Ultimate Weapon

Easton Rival

Easton Rebel

Easton S500

Miken Maniac (2017-2020)

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