About Guelph Men's Recreational SloPitch League

GMSPL - Playoff Format for 2022

The Thursday regular season has completed and the Tuesday season will wrap up Aug 9th. Based upon the end of season standings we will plan a playoff round as follows commencing the week of Aug 16 and 18th:

• As in past years plan for 3 playoff games across 4 available nights (1 available spare for rainouts)

• Round robin format for top 4 and bottom 4 placed teams from each night.

• Schedules will be posted using the LeagueLobster scheduling site

• Top ranked teams at the end of the round robin will proceed on to Super Sunday finals (2 games total scheduled for Sunday Sept 11th)

• Flip a coin at the parking lot or diamond for home team (despite what the schedule says)

• Super Sunday B Division final Tues/Thurs 10am ET

• Super Sunday A Division final Tues/Thurs 12:30pm ET

• U of G West only for Super Sunday games

Have fun and enjoy the final games of the season.

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