3v3 Thursday League (Casual & Competitive) Thursday League - 3v3

Thursday League Information:

Registration Opens: 8/8/23 at 9pm
Registration Closes: 9/1/23 at 9pm
Season Start Date: 9/7/23
Season End Date: 10/26/23
Schedule Communication: Schedule will be emailed on Monday Sept 4th to all captains and teams to the email listed in their League Lobster registration.
Dynamic Schedule : 2 week group stage, followed by division play.
Location: The Pitch Cincy
Time: Thursdays Starting at 6pm
Game Length: 40 Minutes (Two 20 min halves)
Price: $225
Who can play: Anyone and Everyone is welcome! Join as a team, with a friend, or as a free agent!
Roster: Minimum 6 per team, all players must register prior to season starts, up to 10 per team, No rules for amount of girls/guys on a team.

Can you have subs?
Yes, your team can have subs during matches

Do we have uniforms or t-shirts?
No, teams are encouraged to dress up together or create their own theme.
Tournament day

There will be a single elimination tournament on the last week. Teams will be seeded based on their record from the regular season.

What happens if there is a rainout?
If it is raining games will still go on. More severe weather will be monitored closely, and an email will be sent to update teams of any cancellations or continuations. We reschedule make up games, and make the season longer if needed.

No soft grass cleats or metal spike cleats allowed.
Captains must get all team members to individually register on League Lobster after signing up.

Strict late or no show policy: results in $25 fee charged to the team, and possible ban if not communicated 24 hours in advance.

Sept. 7, 2023 - Nov. 3, 2023
8 games of 2 x 20 mins
Pitch 1
Keyur Joshi –
Sophie Denier –

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