Rocky Mountain Adult Soccer Tournament 2020

The 2020 Rocky Mountain Adult Soccer Tournament will take place July 25 – 26 with five divisions: Open (18+) men, Open (18+) women, Open (18+) co-ed, O40 men and O48 men. Here is why you should participate:

- The focus is as much on fun as on quality soccer, with a beer exchange and food truck at the fields, all games taking place at the same 11-field complex, and a Friday evening welcome party
- The Men’s Open and Co-Ed divisions will have both Competitive and Recreational brackets so you will be playing against appropriate competition
- The fields are outstanding at the Pleasant View Soccer Complex – some of the best you will play all year
- Each team is guaranteed four 60-minute games over Saturday and Sunday, so there is no need to book Monday departures in hopes of making it to final rounds

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July 25, 2020 - July 26, 2020
4 games of 60 minutes
Pleasant View Fields Sports Complex

Registration Closed

Registration closed 07/10/2020 11 p.m.

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