Good Friday 5v5 April 2023

  • April 7, 2023
  • The Good Friday 5v5 Tournament is a one day soccer event hosted by Legacy Soccer. Games will be played at Farm League Park. All teams will be guaranteed 3 games.
  • U9 - U11 Roster Max: 10 Ball Size: 4 Match Length: 36 min U12-U15 Roster Max: 10 Ball Size: 4 Match Length: 36 min BRACKETS 8 Team Brackets Split into 2 Groups for Round Robin Play; Group Winners Play in the Final 6 Team Brackets Split into 2 Groups for Cross Bracket Play; Top 2 Teams, Regardless of Bracket, Play in the Final 5 Team Brackets All Teams Play 4 Games; No Final, Winner Determined By Points and Tie Breakers if Needed RULES ALL FIFA RULES WILL BE APPLIED WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE FOLLOWING: All restarts are indirect (unless a Penalty Kick, or a Corner Kick is awarded) Kick Ins Only Defenders must allow a five yard cushion on any kick in. Any kick in can be played directly to the team’s GK as a free pass. The GK must play with their feet. Once received, the ball is live and regular play begins. The player bringing the ball in bounds must declare a “Keeper Passback” before playing the ball in, and then the ball must be played to the GK (no manipulation, or the ball will be given to the other team from the same restart spot). No Offside No Slide Tackling No Headers for U11 and Younger All goalkeeper distribution must bounce or be touched by another player before crossing the halfway line. Violation will result in an indirect free kick at the spot where the ball crossed the midline. POINT SYSTEM WIN = 6 points TIE = 3 points LOSS = 0 points 1 point for each goal (up to a max 3 points) 1 point for a shutout Maximum points per game = 10 MATCH SCORING Scorecards must be verified by the team coach immediately after the game. Once the referee leaves the field of play the score indicated on the scorecard will be final. It is the responsibility of the team coach to verify scores. FORFEITS Forfeits will be scored as 5-0. A team that forfeits a match will be ineligible to advance into a playoff, or win the event. TIE BREAKERS If two teams are tied on points, the following tiebreakers will be used for advancement, or determining the Champion 1. Head-to-head result (thrown out if 3 teams are tied) 2. Goal Difference (maximum of 5 per game) 3. Most Goals (maximum of 5 per game) 4. Fewest Goals Against (maximum of 5 per game) 5. Penalty Shootout PLAYOFF OVERTIME Teams will have a 3 minute ‘Golden Goal’ period if teams are tied at the end of a playoff game. There is no overtime in pool play. AWARDS Awards will be given to Champions and Finalists SPORTSMANSHIP Players, coaches and spectators are expected to act in the nature of good sportsmanship at all times. Abuse of the referees will not be tolerated. Instance of such conduct will disqualify the responsible team from the event. SITUATIONS OR OCCURRENCES THAT THESE RULES DO NOT ADDRESS SHALL BE LEFT TO THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR.
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