Girls' Varsity League Varsity League Summer 2023

  • July 5 – Aug. 2, 2023
    League will feature a round-robin format.

    All teams will play 8 matches over the 4 dates. Matches will be played 2/3 format to 25 (no cap). Deciding sets will be played to 15 (no cap). Matches will be played at 6, 7, or 8pm. Referees will be provided.

    Results will be entered weekly and maintained on the league website.

    Ties in match record will be broken based on Set%, then Point %. If still tied, a coin toss would be used.
  • RULES OF PLAY - Warm-Ups will consist of 2 minutes of shared court and 4 minutes of court time for each team - Matches will be played 2/3 format to 25 (no cap). Deciding sets will be played to 15 (no cap) - There are no substitution limits for the league; Teams may sub as often as possible - Liberos can be used as normal and can serve for one player/set - Jerseys are not required - We ask that rosters stay the same each night; meaning a player cannot play on two different rosters on the same night unless approved by VC United - Coaches are allowed to be on the bench (per IHSA Rules) but are not required to be in attendance; we do ask that a parent contact be provided if the coach is not in attendance FACILITY RULES - VC United will provide warm-up balls and game balls for all teams - Admission for Spectators is $5/person - No outside food or drink is allowed; Players may bring refillable water bottles - No outside chairs/seating is allowed - Players are asked to keep their bags in the designated shelving units located on the turf area inside the volleyball courts - Concessions will be open during the league with deli sandwiches, drinks and other snacks OFFICIATING - We will provide a 1st official for all matches that will: - Signal the start of each point - Call balls in and out - Call net violations - Call obvious ball handling violations - We will provide a scorekeeper at each court as well - We ask coaches/players to assist officials when possible with tight calls
  • Event Map