2023 Fall League 2023 Fall League

  • September 6 – Oct. 23, 2023
  • Registration Windows!
    August 11th @ 12p: Pod Registration Opens
    August 18th @ 4p: Pod Registration Closes
    August 18th @ 5p: Free Agent Registration Opens
    September 1st @ 8p: Free Agent Registration Closes

    The goal of this league is to provide a welcoming, fun environment for players of all skill and ability levels to enjoy mixed Ultimate. Competition will take a bit of a back seat to engaging with your favorite sport, your friends, and your fellow community members. Sign-up with your friends who you normally don’t play with!

    Knoxville Ultimate is experimenting with something a little different. Fall League is a Bring Your Own Pod style league! You and 5 of your friends sign up as a 6 player pod! (Up to 24 pod spots available) If you’re new to the area/Ultimate and want to meet new people, you can sign up as a free-agent (free agency spots depend on the number of registered pods)!

    Once registration closes, the Fall League Committee will match two pods based on experience and skill levels to form a 12 person core. The captains of that core will then draft 3 more players to round out their 15 person team!

    A pod consists of 6 players; three of whom are Man-Matching Players and three are Woman-Matching Players.