Welcome to BCIT Intramurals!

The Intramural Leagues at BCIT Recreation Services are a fun way to join an organized and structured sports league.  BCIT Recreation Services offers leagues in Volleyball, Badminton Doubles & Singles and 5-on-5 Basketball.

The schedule for all leagues is posted below. If you/your team is unable to make an upcoming game, the Team Captain must notify the Sports Programs & Intramurals Coordinator a minimum of 2 business days (does not include weekends) before the scheduled game. Teams who forfeit less than 2 business days must pay $25 before the next scheduled game in order to remain in the league. 

Contact Information:

Recreation Services Front Desk: bcit_recreation@bcit.ca or 604-432-8612

Sports Programs & Intramurals Coordinator: Mikayla Wong - mikayla_wong@bcit.ca or 604-451-6859 (no texts)

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