Recent Additions


  • Stripe integration = international registration support
    We've integrated Stripe in order to support registration in more countries. In all, 40 countries are now supported, including Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and most EU countries! 
  • Variable start of the week
    Weeks now start on Mondays by default, but you can choose any day as your start of the week now! You can change your organization's default in your organization settings (this will also apply to LITE schedules). In PRO, you can also change it for individual seasons under each season's settings.


  • Copy registration settings with season
    When copying a season, you now have the option of carrying over registration settings – this should make it easier to replicate your registration pages from one season to the next


  • LITE BASIC is back
    We've reintroduced the LITE BASIC subscription tier to allow removing ads at a lower price point (however, the free tier is now limited to 25 teams)
  • No ads on team pages with subscription
    If you have a subscription, we are no longer showing ads on team pages (the only place that would have still had ads before)
  • Email Verification


  • Modify Custom Form Responses
    You can now modify custom form responses for both player and team registrations (see this article)
  • Special Request and Custom Form responses on Team Assignment page
    The team assignment page (where you assign free agents to teams) now displays any special requests next to the player's name and will show any custom form responses when you hover over a player with your mouse so you have all relevant registration info at your fingertips when assigning teams.
  • Autofill Playoff Seeds
    You no longer have to tediously select each individual playoff seed for standard 1st through nth seeds – you can just click one button now to do this.


  • Max back-to-back games
    Set a limit on how many back-to-back games teams are allowed to play before they need a break (see constraints)
  • Choose home/away or away/home on schedule
    Select the order in which teams are displayed on the schedule (see standings)
  • Toggle min/max time between games to be ignored for playoffs
    You can turn off the min/max and max back-to-back constraints for playoffs now (see constraints)


  • Redesigned Club Page
    New look. Upload your own cover image. Read more.
  • Custom Domain Support
    Connect your .com or other domain and use your club page as your website. Read more.


  • User & Team management dashboard
  • Player Import


  • Message Center
    We added a new email tool to allow you to reach your participants more easily.


  • New Admin Dashboard
    We launched our new admin dashboard, making it easier to find your schedules and manage your operations.


  • Games Behind
    You can now display Games Behind in your standings.



  • Copy Season / Tournament
    You can now copy a season/tournament to make setting up a similar event faster and easier.
  • Improved 'Manage Venues' and 'Manage Divisions'
    Order venues and divisions via drag and drop.
  • Improved Even Distribution
    The league scheduler now distributes games more evenly across available time slots in a season, ensuring teams play roughly the same amount on each field/time. You can also tweak how hard it tries to achieve this now via the slider under Allocation Options.
  • Co-Winners
    You can now have a draw in a playoff final and both teams will be marked as co-winners.
  • Check Constraints
    We added a cool new constraint checker so you can make sure your schedule is perfect after making manual changes. Look for the Check Constraints button on the Schedule Maker.
  • Alerts / Notes / Announcements
    You can now post alerts / notes / announcements on your schedule for simpler communication of changes, rainouts, etc. 
  • Assign Score Keepers and Admins
    You can now designate other users as score keepers (see this article) able to save scores or full admins with the same access rights as yourself.
  • Define Default Standings
    You can now designate a standings config as your default, so you don't have to assign it to each new schedule.
  • Team Pages
    Automated game invites with RSVP and team chat make managing a team easy as pie! See

    Team Management Tools
  • Sub-scores & OT loss/win
    You can now enable entering sets tracking/sub-scores and overtime in your standings configuration.
  • Match Comments/Notes Section
    You can now add a note/comment to a game in the edit game dialog.
  • More export formats
    Blue Sombrero, SportsEngine, LeagueApps, Amilia – please let us know if you need any others
  • Custom standings
    Customize your standings. Select which columns to show and how they're labeled. Define tie breakers. See
  • Playoff Time Slots
    You can now designate time slots for playoff-only, round-robin only, or both. Playoff scheduling for leagues is now more reliable as result.


  • New Tournament Pricing Option
    We added an ad-supported pricing option for tournaments for just $1.59/team (ad-free is $2.99/team).
  • Snapshots (PRO)
    You can now store snapshots of your schedule that you can later restore (e.g. if you want to try how certain tweaks would play out or if you accidentally change something).
  • Player Registration (teams paying separately)
    In addition to free agent registration and teams paying in full, you now have the option to set up teams to pay separately.
  • Multiple WePay accounts
    Create multiple merchant accounts (from your account settings page) in order to separate funds from different leagues into different payment accounts
  • Open/Close Registration
    Open or close registration on a specific date at a specific time (look for it in registration settings)
  • Date constraints (teams can't play on a specific date)
    Team constraints let you add dates/date ranges now, so you can block specific dates or apply certain constraints only to specific dates.
  • Brackets update automatically
    Brackets now update automatically when you've entered scores for all related non-playoff games (this works by division)
  • Even Distribution of Time Slots (PRO)
    We've implemented a balancer to try and distribute times/venues/days evenly.
  • Improved Allocation (PRO/Tournaments)
    • improved speed
    • we separated game generation and allocation, so you can make adjustments to your matches first and then run the allocation
    • retry allocation button
  • Team Assignment
    We've added a drag and drop team assignment page for free agent registrations.
  • Refunds
    Issue (full or partial) refunds straight through our platform without having to log into the payment gateway. You can also record offline refunds and payments. All on the order details page.
  • Calendar Improvements
    Calendar (admin) view now lets you customize what hours of the day are displayed and control the size of the grid. These settings are now also preserved after you leave or refresh the page.
  • Better Schedule Filters
    You can now select multiple items from the schedule filters at the top in order to see schedules for multiple teams (e.g. if you're coaching 2 teams, see – and print – both their schedules at once)
  • Customizable Registration Forms
    Add as many fields as you like, including file uploads. See this help article for more details.
  • Email All or Captains/Coaches only
    Now you can easily send an email to all team members (or just captains and coaches) registered to a season/tournament from the registrations page.
  • Player Registrations
    Now you can sign up players (free agents) as well as teams and accept credit/debit card payments through your club page on LeagueLobster.
  • Rosters
    In PRO you can also add rosters now. More work is going into this to make it more useful.
    • We're establishing team pages that will allow teams to get organized (chat, RSVP).
    • We'll add communication tools to let you send updates to your players via email and text messages.
  • Improved PRO interface
    We've given the PRO interface a little facelift.
    • Setting up new seasons/tournaments is now a more streamlined process.
    • The SETTINGS tab is now included on the SCHEDULE MAKER so you don't have to switch back and forth.
    • The TEAMS tab is now called REGISTRATIONS and contains all settings related to registrations (both teams and players).


  • Team Registrations
    Accept registrations and credit card payments through our site – it's easy to set up and won't cost you a cent!

    Sports League Registration

  • Bulk Date Change (part 2)
    You can now change any date in week 1 and you'll be asked if you want to shift the entire season by that many days.

  • Bulk Date Change
    You can now change the date and week for all games under the same date by simply clicking on the date itself. This should make rainouts and cancellations easier to handle.

  • Search
    With our newly added search function, your players can now search for their schedules directly on our homepage, so they don't have to dig through their email to find the right link.

  • Club Home Page
    We've set up a sort of mini-homepage for you to post some info about your organization and display an automatically generated list of all your schedules. Click the SHARE button on any of your schedules to find your link.

  • Max Games Per Day

    • Set a maximum number of games any team can play in a day. You can set a global limit that applies to all teams and/or set a separate number for specific teams or divisions.
  • Event Landing Page Improvements

    • You'll now see an Event Info link on your schedule, which goes to the Event Landing Page
    • The Event Landing Page now has a map of your venues (make sure to enter addresses for your venues)
    • You can also post other info for participants here, such as how to contact you, or any special rules, for instance.
    • Just like the schedule, this page will use your logo and color scheme if you've entered those (click on the logo/organization name at the top to edit)
  • Calendar Improvements PRO

    • Hovering over a match on the Calendar page will now highlight all other games for both teams in different colors.
    • Clicking on a game will now also bring up the edit game dialog.
  • More Colors
    More flexible color picker for your color theme, so you can better match your brand colors on your public schedule

  • FREE tier
    We've introduced a FREE tier for up to 25 teams, supported by ads

  • Improved Tournament Scheduler
    Our tournament scheduler is now more powerful and better able to accommodate all your constraints.

  • Custom Points
    You can now override points given for a win/loss (for sports where that is a consideration for standings). Once you've scored a game, simply click on its edit game button and enter your custom points.

  • Clear Scores
    If you've entered a score for the wrong game you can now clear it by clicking the edit game button and erasing both home and away score.

  • Presets
    Presets let you save a division's setup (number of teams, pools, playoff brackets) in order to quickly and easily reuse it for other divisions and future events, taking a lot of the tedium out of setting up large events with lots of divisions.

  • Min/max time between games
    You can now specify a minimum and maximum time teams have to wait between their games. Use it to avoid back-to-back games and/or teams having to sit around all day. Available in PRO and Tournament.

  • Venue Filter
    We've added a filter for viewing the schedule for a specific venue.
  • Hide Standings
    We have the ability to hide your standings. Please drop us a note to activate this.
  • Home Venues
    You can now assign teams to specific home venues in order to schedule all of their home games at that venue.
    Click the Manage Venues button on the Schedule Maker, then click on the home icon next to the venue.
  • Event Landing Page
    If you have multiple divisions in your league or tournament, you can now take advantage of our new event landing page, which will allow teams to quickly view the schedule for just their division.
    You can customize this (just like your schedule) with your own logo and color scheme and use the box on the left to provide some extra info to your players.
    Click the SHARE button on your schedule to find it.


  • Double Elimination Brackets
    We've added double elimination brackets

Knockout Tournament Brackets

Header image by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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