3v3 Soccer Beer League (Wednesday) Fall 2023

3v3 Soccer Beer League (Wednesday) - Casual players only

Registration Opens: 9/25/23 at 9pm
Registration Closes: 10/29/23 at 9pm
Season Start Date: 11/1/23

Season Length: 4-6 weeks (depending on winter weather)

Schedule Communication: Schedule will be emailed Sunday before November 1st.

Location: The Pitch Cincy

Time: Wednesdays starting at 6pm

Age: 18+
Game Length: 45 Minutes (20 minute halves)

Price: $225 (+ taxes & transaction fee)

Who can play: Anyone and Everyone is welcome! Join as a team, with a friend, or as a free agent!
Roster: Minimum 5 per team, all players must register prior to season starts, registration stays open until week 4, up to 10 per team, No rules for amount of girls/guys on a team.

· Can you have subs?
o Yes, your team can have subs during matches

· Do we have uniforms or t-shirts?
o No, teams are encouraged to dress up together or create their own theme.

Tournament day?
o There will be a single elimination tournament for the final week. Teams will be seeded based on their record from the regular season.

Benefits? Perks?
o FC Cincinnati tickets will be given away at random thru the summer season to interested teams
o Winners of the league will receive their name on the trophy, as well as Championship T-shirts
o Drink Specials on League Nights 6-10PM

What happens if there is a rainout?
o If it is raining games will still go on. More severe weather will be monitored closely, and an email will be sent to update teams of any cancellations or continuations.

Nov. 1, 2023 - Nov. 22, 2023
2 games of 50 minutes
The Pitch Cincy
Keyur Joshi –
Sophie Denier –
Registration Closed
Registration closed 11/14/2023 9 p.m.

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