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  • 400+ kids plus families involved ages 5-18 play games on Friday-Sat and practice most nights of the week.
  • 32 teams play games on Sat and Sunday with an average stay of 3-4 hours at the venue. 
  • 50+ softball adults play Monday and Thursday evenings.
  • 100 adults play baseball 2x a week with a Korean Team coming in from Abu Dhabi to play games plus a Japanese Team from Dubai. This is thriving. 
  • 30 +different nationalities this year from Arab Nationals ( Kuwaitis, Saudi's, UAE Nationals, Jordanians) Europeans, Australians and North Americans, Indian Nationals, Pakistanis as well as Koreans, Japanese, Philippines plus South and Latin Americans. We are a diverse and inclusive.
  • Every year members of the Los Angeles Dodgers come to visit for an autograph session/clinic. 
  • Most years we have 2-4 regionally and local tournaments which would include another 1000 +plus local, regional and international players. 
  • We have an active Facebook and Instagram and Twitter account where we will announce new partnerships and offer promotions where required as well as post results.
  • Our new website will be up and running this year by Oct where sponsors will have a presence. 
  • There is also a division for People of Determination. 

Schedules & Standings

Week 2 of 14

DLL Intermediate Division

DLL 2021-2022 Season
Week 2 of 15

DLL Minors Division

DLL 2021-2022 Season
Week 2 of 15

DLL PeeWee Division

DLL 2021-2022 Season

DLL Seniors Division

DLL 2021-2022 Season
Week 2 of 21

DLL Adult Division

Adult League Fall 2021_2022
Week 2 of 12

DLL Junior Softball Division

DLL 2021-2022 Season
Week 2 of 14

DLL Senior Softball Division

DLL 2021-2022 Season

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