About San Francisco Youth Baseball League

The San Francisco Youth Baseball League (www.sfybl.com) is the largest and oldest youth baseball league in San Francisco. The SFYBL is a partnership between the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department, SF FLAME (San Francisco Fire Dept. youth athletics program), and PONY (Protecting Our Nation's Youth), run by a board of partner and volunteer commissioners.

For over 30 years, this partnership has continued the tradition of giving San Francisco kids the fields, services, and commitment necessary to experience competitive and fun youth baseball. In the SFYBL, we begin with Shetland T-Ball (4-6U) and Shetland Coach Pitch (5-7U) to introduce basic baseball principals. As kids' coordination and understanding grow, they move to Pinto Modified Kid Pitch (7-8U) to work on the mechanics of pitching and catching. In the upper divisions, our Mustang (9-10U), Bronco (11-12U), and Pony (13-14U) Division feature base stealing, lead-offs, and pick-offs -  we believe kids want and are ready to play “real baseball”. In addition, the diamond sizes become progressively larger by division. We also believe the SFYBL experience better prepares kids for baseball in the middle school leagues, high school, or beyond…and it’s fun too!

SFYBL is team-based. There is no draft where your child is assigned to a different team each season. In the SFYBL, your child can play on a team with his/her friends, classmates, neighbors, season after season, as long as he/she is age-eligible.   If you don't have a team, individuals may register through SFRPD and find a team with a practice location convenient for you and your family.

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