NSA Rules apply or are superseded by these: Rules for Men’s Softball updated April 3, 2024


1. The purpose of this league is to provide recreational fun and fellowship for church groups. While competition is a part of the game, winning at any cost is not intended or promoted.

2. A five-minute grace period will be allowed after scheduled starting time. Failure to have at least eight players will be a forfeit. If eight players are present, the game will begin at the scheduled starting time.

3. Teams shall line up on base paths and the home team provides the prayer before the game and visiting team after the game.

4. The league will be slow pitch. The arc of the ball should be between 6 and 12 feet. The pitcher must begin with one foot on the pitching rubber. Bases are to be 65 feet. Pitching distance is 50 feet. Home Run will be above 8’ fence bar in all fields.

5. All team members must wear numbered shirts of similar color.

6. For safety reasons, bats should be swung only in the batter’s box or in the on-deck circle.

7. The FBC representative will determine the playing of rained out games. Notice of rainout games will be communicated via phone, email or text message by 5:00 pm on weekdays. If games are called due to rain your team coach will be notified of your makeup date.

8. The tournament is planned to begin right after the regular season ends.

9. Protests must be filed by 5:00 pm the following business day.

10. Games will be played on Tuesdays (6:30pm/7:45pm/9pm) and Thursday evenings (6:30pm/7:45pm).

11. Each team will play 8 regular season games and a double elimination tournament.


12. A team’s roster will be unlimited. Teams may have up to four non-church members and four city league players. Season team rosters must be provided at or before the first game.

13. Players must play in at least three games during the regular season to play in the tournament. No additions may be made to the roster with less than three games to be played.

14. Teams shall consist of 10 players on the field at one time. Games may be played with a minimum of eight players throughout the game. A team may bat up to their roster. A player cannot be on more than one roster within a First Baptist League.

15. Coaches should be encouraged to play all players who are present at the beginning of the game. Free substitution is allowed in the same batting order. Coaches are encouraged to emphasize participation over winning. The other team and the umpire must be notified of any changes to the lineup when the player enters the game either as a batter or fielder. 

**If an injury occurs and a player in the line up is unable to bat, the team will NOT be charged an out if the team still has at least 10 players in the line up. If they have less than 10 players in the line up, an out will be charged each time that player is up in the line up.**

An injured player that misses an at bat may NOT return to the game. 

16. A list of participants must be turned in at the end of each game. This is to keep track of player’s eligibility for tournament play.


17. FBC will provide the balls used in the game. The teams will choose 3 new balls from FBC to use each game. Those 3 balls must be returned at the end of each game!

18. Bats must be NSA or ASA approved. No 3-wall bats are to be used. For a list of approved equipment see www.playnsa.com. Game balls will be Dudley 12" ASA Composite Slowpitch Softball. Those will be provided.

19. It is recommended that catchers wear masks. Play without masks at your own risk.

20. Metal spikes are not allowed.


21. If a batter unintentionally throws a bat, a team warning is given to the batting team. All subsequent occurrences will result in the play being dead, and the batter called out. All warnings should be entered in the scorebook.

22. Teams must play 3 ½ or 4 innings depending upon who is in the lead to be an official game. There is a 70-minute time limit which begins at scheduled game time or 5 minutes after the previous game ends, whichever is later. Weather calls will be made by the umpire.

23. All batters will begin with a 1-1 count; batter is out on second foul after 2 strikes – a hit of the pitching net is considered a foul.

24. Umpire calls missed bases. Normal appeal procedure applies. (Any player asks umpire for ruling.)

25. A team may score 10 runs per inning or if coming from behind may go up by 10 runs.

**If a home run is hit with runners on base that would result in more than 10 runs score in an inning or a team coming from behind going up more than 10 in an inning, the 10 run maximum still applies and the extra runs will not count. The home run will still be counted towards the teams home run total**

**In the playoffs, there will be no run limit in the final inning or extra innings**

**If a team is down 30+ runs after 4 completed innings of play, the losing has the option to accept a mercy rule and end the game**

26. Courtesy runner is permissible. LIMIT ONE PER INNING. (If a player is injured and substituted for while batting or running bases, that player may not return to the game.)

27. Three home runs are allowed per team, per game. After three home runs, over the fence is a single with forced advance only. If both teams have 3 home runs, you are allowed to hit 1 more homerun than the other team.

28. Once out, a runner may not obstruct a throw by remaining upright in the base path. Runners must not charge fielders at any time. Fielders are responsible for providing a path for runners to reach the base. A catcher may NOT block home plate.

29. A player or coach ejected before, during or after a game for unsportsmanlike conduct will be ineligible for the team's next game played which ends as an official game. This includes tournament games. Any player receiving a second ejection of the season or tournament will be ineligible for the remainder of the season and tournament.

30. Pitcher’s pitch behind a protective net, which must be in line and within 2 feet of the pitcher’s mound.

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