Fall Coed Softball Rules



1. This league is a registered USA Softball league. USA Softball rules will be in effect except for the following league rules.

2. Ten players (five [5] men and five [5] women) are on the field at one time, alternating in the batting order. The extra player rule can be used (12 bat, any 10 can play).

3. A team can begin the game with 8 players. Designated outs will be used in place of the missing players.

4. Six (6) home runs allowed per team per game, 3 for men and 3 for women. After three home runs have been scored for each gender, an out will be called on any additional home runs. This does not include inside the park home runs and assisted home runs.

5. One (1) hour five (5) min time limit. No new inning will begin after one hour. A game is 7 innings or before mentioned time limit, whichever comes first.

6. Pitcher and catcher can be the same gender.

7. Outfield must have 4 players (2 males, 2 females, no order).

8. Sliding is allowed but must be done legally. No intentional contact with players is allowed at any time. Intentional contact could result in ejection from the game and from the league.

9. Any walk to a male batter will result in a two base award. The next batter, a female, will bat. EXCEPTION: With two outs, the female batter has the option to walk or bat. See ASA rule book.

10. Matching uniforms are not required.

11. Games must begin on time. Teams need to provide line-ups to the other team 5-10 minutes before the game begins.

12. Home Team (Listed second on the Schedule) is the official scorebook. Please remember to send final score to the following link: https://forms.gle/PCnTyP1FiZAU...

13. If problems arise on the score, the official will be the final arbitrator.

14. Outfield arc will be used. Outfielders must play behind the arc (150 feet).

15. Run rules will be used. Twenty (20) runs after three (3) innings, fifteen (15) runs after four (4) innings and ten (10) runs after five (5) innings.

16. Run Limit: 10 Runs per inning with a max of 13 runs.

17. No steel cleats or steel spiked shoes are allowed at all.

18. Minimum age to play in the co-ed league is sixteen (16) years old.

19. Deadline to add players is August 29, 2023.

20. When starting the game with less than ten (10) players, females may fill in for male players (Example: 6 women, 4 men). When playing less than four (4) outfielders, a maximum of two (2) males are allowed in the outfield. Teams can begin a game with five (5) males and three (3) females. Never are more than five (5) males allowed on the field at any time.

21. Teams must play with players designated on their rosters. Game substitutions should register with the umpire before entering the game. No free substitutions. The reentry rule will be used. Please see Rule 4 Section 5 – Reentry for better understanding

22. Protests must be filed by coaches or managers. Protests must be registered with the umpire, also, a written protest must be turned into the Recreation Department within 24 hours with a $35.00 fee.

23. Your fee includes receiving softballs for the games. Home team should supply new ball and visiting team should supply good used ball for the games.


A. It shall be the responsibility of the manager to control the actions of his/her players at all times - before, during and after games. It is also the manager's responsibility for all of the following:

1. To notify and inform players of all local playing rules and procedures.

2. To ensure that all players respect the game officials and supervisors at all times.

3. To remind team members that all players voluntarily agree to accept all judgments by game officials and agree to abide by all league rules.

B. Unsportsmanlike conduct of any type or infractions of the following rules could mean ejection from the game and/or disciplinary action after a game with the possibility of a season long suspension. If an incident or ejection occurs reflecting the following situations, a participant infraction form will be filled out by the softball supervisor/umpires and submitted to the Recreation Programs Coordinator.

1. Derogatory remarks, profanity, obscene gestures, threats of physical and/or verbal abuse or force directed toward any game official, department employee, other players or spectators, will not be tolerated.

a. If verbal or physical threats are made towards umpires, the guilty player will immediately be ejected from the game and may be suspended for the remainder of the season.

b. If physical contact is made with an umpire, the guilty player will immediately be ejected from the game and may be suspended for the remainder of the season.

C. The manager shall be the only person to confer with the umpire on a disputed play. Such conference shall be kept at a minimum and be conducted in a sportsmanlike manner. Constant harassment or intimidation will not be tolerated.

D. Any player ejected from a game will be suspended for the remainder of that game and the team's next game, including league playoff games (players may be suspended for additional games if unsportsmanlike conduct continues after the ejection is made). If a player is ejected with no substitute to replace that player, an out will be assessed each time that player goes to bat after the ejection.

1. An ejected player will be required leave the park for the remainder of that game as well as the following game that they are suspended.

2. The player will also be placed on probation, which means any act demeaning to the program causing a second ejection or further disciplinary action will cause that player to be suspended for the remainder of the season.

3. If one team has 2 or more ejections in a season, that team will not be allowed to play the rest of the season.

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