1st - 6th Grade Basketball Rules


• All boys/girls must play in the game.

• Rim heights-subject to change depending on where games are played.

o 8 ft for 1st-2nd grade.

o 9ft for 3rd grade.

o 10ft for 4th -5th grades.


o 1st - 3rd grade, substitutions will be done half way through each quarter.

o 4th - 6th grade substations must be done on dead ball.

• A junior size (27.5) will be used for 1st-3th grade.

• A girl’s size (28.5) ball will be used 4th-5th grade.

• Four (4) players needed to begin the game.

• Teams must play equal number of players if a team is short players. ( 4 on 4 or 3 on 3)  No play-offs in these divisions.

• No abusive language or behavior to the players or officials. The officials are doing their best.

• This league is for the kids to learn the game of basketball. You do not have to agree with our adaptations but you do need to follow them.


• Four (4) eight (8) minute quarters. The clock will run continuously except the clock will stop on first free throw until the shooter has the ball then it will resume, this will eliminate wasted time while the kids get line up properly.

• Three minute halftime

• Two (2), one minute timeouts per half

• Games need to begin on time. Please do not be late. If late, clock will start 5 minutes after scheduled game time and teams will play the remaining time once game starts.

• Clock stops last two minutes of fourth quarter unless lead is 10 points or greater for grades 4th-5th.

• Clock stops 4 minutes into each quarter for 1st-3rd grade for quick substitutions. THIS IS NOT A TIME OUTGame will be started again immediately.


• No key will be called.

• No back court will be called.

• No ten second line is used. (Referee will prevent stalling).

• No full court press allowed, defense can pick up their man at half court.

• No shot blocking in grades 1st-3nd unless it occurs when hands our straight up.

• Violations in grades 1st-2nd do not result in a turnover (team retains possession and does a throw in).

• No Stealing in 1st-3rd grades, except on a pass


• Will not be kept 1st-3rd grades, Will be kept 4th-6th grades.

• Score will not be displayed on the clock when point difference is greater than 15 but will be updated at the scorer’s table by the score keeper


• Fouls will not be recorded in 1st-3rd grades

• Foul shots will not be shot in 1st-3rd grades

•Player fouls will be recorded in 4th-5th grades.

• Player fouls out after 5th foul in 4th-6th grades

• No Bonus


• Man to man defense only. No zone defense.

• No double teaming. Double teaming will not be called if a player gets by his man and another defensive man steps up to help, however once original defender recovers help defense must return immediately to their player. o When a player dribble next to their own teammate and causing another defender to be “within reach” then the “in reach defender” may steal the ball in 4th – 6th grade if he/she can do so without taking a step in any direction to steal the ball.

Free Throws

• Free Throws will not be attempted in 1st-3rd grades

• Shooters must start from behind the line. If a shooters crosses the free throw line a violation will not be called.

• Players in free throws spaces must remain in space until ball is released, shooters and all players behind the three point line must wait until ball hits the rim.

• Rules may be added or changed at any time if necessary.

6th Grade Jr. Basketball League Rules

Follow High School Basketball rules with the following adaptations:

1. All Players must play in the game regardless of skill or ability.

2. 4 eight minute quarters with a running clock, clock will stop on first free throw until the shooter has the ball then it will resume, this will eliminate wasted time while the kids get line up properly.

3. Half time is 3 minutes

4. 4 players needed to begin game

5. No Bonus

6. Any defense

a. Double team is not allowed if lead is more than 10 points

7. Full court press is not allowed if team is up by more than 10, must pick up man at half court

8. Clock stops last two minutes of 4th quarter if lead is 10 points or less.

9. 2-one minute time outs per half

10. Score is not displayed if lead is 15 points or more, but is updated in books.

11. A girl’s size ball 28.5 will be supplied. If both coaches agree, a full size 29.5 ball may be used.

12. One three minute overtime period may be played, unless games are behind scheduled start times. No timeouts may be called.

Game will begin on time so please do not be late. If one or both teams are late the game clock with start after five minutes and teams will play remaining time. Remaining quarters will be shortened if necessary to remain on time. If one or both teams are not ready to play ten (10) minutes form original game start time then a forfeit will be called

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