High School Basketball Rules

League Rules

This league will be governed by the NFHS High School basketball rules except for the adaptions noted below.

A team Parent is Required to sit on Team Bench. Only players that are participating in the game and team parents are allowed on the bench

No High School Basketball team players may play in this league. Please be considerate of all gyms. No dunking at school gyms. Do not hang on the rims. No pressing if a team is 20 points ahead and clock will run in second half if team is 20 points ahead.

Player Check In

All players must print their name clearly on the game roster prior to tip off.

Players are not allowed to play on more than one team.


A Technical foul results in the player sitting for the 5 minutes on the bench and counts as a personal foul. If an individual receives a second technical foul in an evening they are disqualified for the reminder of the game, Referees judgement if they need to leave the facility of not. If a player receives a third technical during the season, they are suspended from participating in the league. At any point in time The City has the right to suspend or disqualify any player, coach or team for any inappropriate behavior.

Any fighting may results in suspensions immediately and in ensuing games or suspension from the league. Individuals will be required to meet with the Recreation Supervisor prior to returning to coaching, playing, or observing.

Game Rules

League will follow high school rules with the following expectations:


4 (9) minute quarters.  Clock only stops on shooting fouls and timeouts.

Clock stops on the last minute of each half.

Clock will run continuously in second half if team is 20 points ahead or more.

2 – 60 second timeouts per half

Scheduling Changes

If a team wants to change a game, it is the team’s responsibility to call and make a switch with another team. Then call the Recreation Center and inform them of the switch, if you are unable to make a switch and need to forfeit then call the Recreation Center first. Do not call the other team and cancel without calling the Recreation Center first. The Recreation center will try to find a team to play in your place so the other team still gets to play.

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