Jr High Basketball Rules

1. Four 8- minute quarters. Clock stops the last minute of 2nd and 4th quarters. The clock will run in 4th quarter if a team is 15 points ahead.

2. Teams are allowed two (2) time outs per half.

3. Any defense can be used.

4. Games need to begin on time. Please do not be late. When late, game clock will be set and started. Teams will play remaining available time.

5. Five (5) players needed to begin the game.

6. A regulation 28.5 inch basketball will be used.

7. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Any player, coaches or spectator that uses profane language, gestures or unacceptable behavior will be kicked out of the building at the referees judgement in addition to any technical fouls received.

8. One, 3 minute overtime period will be played once if time permits.

9. Other than the above rules, high school rules will be used.

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