Greetings ODC Sports Association!

I know that everyone is still hesitant about the unknowns concerning the Coronavirus Pandemic. This pandemic has affected sports all around the world and we must prepare ourselves to what is going to be the NEW NORMAL. With that being said I have come up with a few ideas for our league, and how we can be safe when the Park & Recreations open back up. 

Please be aware of the following precautions and additional guidelines that ODC Sports will
implement at every ODC function for the safety of ALL participants and spectators.

Safety Guidelines

Please go get tested and stay home, if you have any of the following:

  •  Fever
  •  Cough
  •  Sore throat
  •  Shortness of breath
  •  Body aches
  •  Headaches
  •  New loss of taste or smell
  •  Known exposure to someone who is positive with Covid

Please let your coach and team know immediately if you have been exposed or contracted Covid.

Temperature Checks
Temperature checks will be performed, along with a series of health check questions asked of everyone before starting each game. All participates are asked to arrive 45 minutes before the game to be checked properly.
We ask all volunteers, coaches, and managers help us execute the health checks, as well as help maintain a sterile environment by sanitizing our common areas after every game. This includes dugouts, restrooms, etc. (We need additional volunteers, especially healthcare professionals that can assist with these checks.)

Face Mask
Face mask are RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE (men, women and children) attending the event,
this includes players while not on the field. 

Social Distancing

Prayer, handshakes, and “high-fives” are often done at the games, these actions can be ways in which COVID-19 is transmitted from person to person. As a way of decreasing the possibility of spreading Covid-19, at the end of the games we will stand 6 feet apart, pray, congratulate and keep each other safe.


It is extremely important to remember if you have hand to hand contact with anyone, for everyone’s safety, please make sure you wash your hand and/or use hand sanitizer immediately after.


We request that all players bring Lysol, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for safety purposes and to assist with keeping the areas clean.


Players and spectators are required to bring lawn chairs to assist with and maintain social distancing (6 feet) while watching the games. Please do not group together with someone outside of those who have come with you.


Teams will only have a few players in dugout and all remaining players will line up outside of the dugout, in order to maintain social distancing standards of 6 feet apart


Scorekeepers will sit in an area together, outside of the scorekeepers’ box, 6 feet apart to maintain distance and communication.

Please note: You are responsible for helping your guest to know and understand rules that are in place for all ODC Events. This includes the following standard rules and any listed on the ODC website.

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