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The OFFDACHAIN DIVAS KICKBALL LEAGUE Rules and Regulations ensure a fun, safe, and healthy environment. Please read all rules and regulations carefully and govern yourselves accordingly. All games are to be played in an excellent, sportsmanlike manner. All players and coaches are always expected to respect one another. Failure to do so is subject to review and possible removal from the league by the league's Board of Directors.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible to play in OFFDACHAIN KICKBALL SPORTS ASSOCIATION, all the following must apply for each participant.

• Must be 18 years of age or older

• Submit a completed and signed registration packet

• Provide a valid copy of a government-issued ID/Driver’s license

• $100.00 New/$75 Return league participation fee (uniform cost based on the team average $35 to $55)

{Please note that all fees are non-refundable once paid. NO Checks Accepted

All new participants, please Email or text MsOffDaChain at 678-698-8405 to confirm receipt}


OFFDACHAIN DIVAS KICKBALL LEAGUE offers participants the opportunity to join a team that has already been formed or forms one of their own. The freedom to choose a team name, opposing logo, and colors. The team name, colors, and logo are subject to availability. Players are only permitted to change teams up to 30 days after they have registered, and it must be before the start of the season and before the uniforms have been ordered. Team registration will be accepted until the close of registration, or the league is entire, whichever comes first. Players may only play for one team in OFFDACHAIN DIVAS KICKBALL LEAGUE. Each team must have a minimum of 11 players on the roster, with a maximum of 20 players per team.

Teams must have 1-4 coaches, one manager, two captains, 2-4 scorekeepers. When fielding a maximum of 11 players; 4 outfielders and the remaining 7 in the field (1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, two shortstops, pitcher, and catcher). A team failing to field eight players within game time will forfeit. Teams may opt to play an unofficial game without umpires. This game WILL NOT COUNT. Teams that play games with nine or fewer players must have a minimum of 2 players in the outfield. If you have ten players, you must have at least three outfielders.

New Players: A new player cannot be added to the roster after the season’s second week. Players must fill out and supply the required documentation, including but not limited to; valid government-issued identification, waiver/release form, medical form, registration packet, etc. Once the Season has started, and a uniform has been ordered, you can’t change teams, and you have to wait until the following season. Players must play a minimum of five games to play in the playoffs. Emergencies reported at the event may be eligible for a waiver by the CEO only and must be documented on the Umpire’s official roster booklet.

Job Titles/Responsibilities:

Coach: Work players out 15-30 minutes before each game and each practice. Respect players: no name-calling, demeaning, or ridicule. Be a positive and motivating instructor. No sexual misconduct will be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: sexual harassment or dating to avoid confusion among the other teammates and league unless you were a couple before registration. Please allow all players to play during game time. Everyone paid the same registration fee and deserves playing time, regardless of skill level.

However, if a player fails to attend practices, the player must kick but can ride the bench at the coach's discretion for the game’s duration. Coaches are to remain in their respective Box when on the field.

Manager: Team Manager TM) must play on the team and is responsible for all paperwork; ensure everyone is added to any group social page and Communicate with the CEO/Owner. Also, ensure the dugout is maintained well and left clean after each game. Ensure the team is kept in ORDER; make sure your team is DRAMA FREE! Ensure team members stay informed of all messages from the League CEO and know about all the festivities. Ensure that scorebooks match after each game and put in GroupMe directly after each game (for example, each team’s name and final points scored by each) or Umpire has recorded and reported the final score. Each team is encouraged to set up volunteerism for the team and set up MEET N GREET to practice team building. TM must turn in the team roster 30 days before the season starts (Team Name* Player Real Name*Nickname* # on Jersey*Cell#* Payment Paid in full or Balance * Email) must be turned in. Each team needs a First Aid Kit for their team.

Captains: Be familiar with the game rules and regulations. Keep team enthusiasm and morale going. (Must have a great Attitude and be motivating. Must have Coach and Team Manager in best interest at all times)

Score Keeper: Review the training provided by the CEO/Owner—scorekeeper rules on the website. You must attend games and be very attentive to the plays. Keep an accurate record of each game, including your team and the opposing team's list of team players, Jersey Name/ jersey numbers, and points scored throughout the game. The team is responsible for their scorekeeper book (Baseball Scorebook). You can purchase them at any Sporting Goods Store (i.e., Dicks, Sports Authority, or Amazon long with Lineup Sheets – with three copies); after each game, scorekeepers must make sure they both have identical scores, provide to Team Manager and Home plate umpire. The winning Team should post scores in League GroupMe; the other team should hit like in agreement. The scorekeeper must be in team colors. It can only be two people in the scorekeeper booth at All times (no friends, no players, no pets) unless in training. Scorekeepers can sit outside the scorebox but “MUST” check in with the umpire.

Once a game has started, all changes to the scorebook must come from the plate umpire. Modifications made without umpire approval will result in a forfeit.

scorekeepers must pay attention at all times)


Uniforms/ Equipment:

Uniforms are required to be worn to participate in OFFDACHAIN DIVAS KICKBALL LEAGUE. BOTTOMS, such as Leggings, regular shorts, or biker shorts, done in good taste are permitted; they all must match. Please be mindful that this is a family-friendly league and a league of integrity, so please dress respectfully. Each player must wear a complete uniform to each game. A full uniform includes a jersey/Team T-shirt with the Player’s name and number on the back (No manual writing on T-shirts or jerseys allowed). Please be mindful that metal spikes are not permitted! Rubber cleats only. Socks may run thicker than average socks. Please refrain from wearing “ANY” jewelry for safety, excluding wedding bands. Any player not in Uniform (no name and number on T-shirt or Jersey) by the start of 3rd week of the season player can be allowed if on the roster; however, the team forfeits one (1) point to the opposing team at the start of the game (2 point maximum for multiple players – discretion of league owner.

Umpires have the discretionary call on jewelry for safety and insurance purposes. Each team is encouraged to have at least one official game ball. The ball must be a 10-inch kickball and can be any color.

Field Set-Up: The standard distance between bases should be 55 ft.


IN THE DUGOUT DURING THE GAMES! Illegal Players: Any player found to be playing illegally (not on the roster, not paid in full, underage, under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance) will be suspended, and the offending team will forfeit the game the player participated in.

Illegal Players: Any player found to be playing illegally (not on the roster, not paid in full, underage, under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance, playing on multiple teams) will be suspended, and the offending team will forfeit the game the player participated in. The Board requires that all

players’ names and signatures be entered on a state park/OFFDACHAIN DIVAS KICKBALL LEAGUE roster for General Liability Insurance purposes before entering the field for play. Suppose a player is in the game and believed to not be on the liability and insurance roster. In that case, the game will continue, but then protested to the Umpire before the end of the game. The team manager must verify that player’s identity by verifying proper identification. If a player is found to have played in a game without paying or being on the roster, it is an automatic forfeit for the team using the illegal player. Any Illegal activity should be reported to the Umpires by the coaches before the end of the game for review. Forfeit Game**** If the team needs to forfeit a game, the league needs 24 to 48-hour notices; if play is lost without warning, it’s a $60 fee that has to be paid before playing the following week, the coach and the team are responsible for paying the fee if it’s the last game of the season. You forfeit before playing the following season team balance must be paid off. Forfeit a game gives the other team 10 POINTS.[SK1]

NO EXCEPTIONS! Only playing, paid team members are allowed in the dugout for insurance purposes. Please respect the teammate’s personal property. Please keep the dugouts clean and neat during and after games. All teams are required to clean up before leaving. Failure to do so may result in review by the board, penalty, and fine set by the CEO/Owner. All teams are responsible for bringing a trash bag to every game for their dugout. Failure to keep the Parks clean can result in the season being canceled by Georgia State Parks and Recreation.


Each team will be responsible for setting time for practice and finding a practice field (you can always buy baseball mats and use an open area). Please feel free to call around and inquire about local schools, parks, etc. Practice should be held at least 2-3 times per week. Conditioning and Strength training will be offered through the leagues. Each player needs a kickball. Practices scheduled at the official park should be pre-approved by the League CEO and held after 7:30 pm.



Starting the Game: Each team is encouraged to begin with prayer and affirmation. Each team must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled game time for warm-ups. The first pitch will signify the game starts. The coaches’ and captains’ meetings will be performed five minutes before game time. Umpires will notify Coaches that clock time begins at the end of the coaches/umpire meeting.

Awarded points:

A Grace period of 15 minutes is given on the first game of the day ONLY.

Points will be awarded to the opposing team if your team does not have lineups ready at game time.

One point will be awarded to the opposing team at the 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and official referee start of a game mark, respectively, if the lineup is not provided to the opposing team and umpires—a total of 3 points.

This will max out at 3 points awarded to the ready team. If both teams are not prepared, then the points will cancel out. Once one team is ready, they will be awarded the remaining points.


Kicking Order: Rosters are to be in both team books 10 minutes before game time. Coaches have two options for kicking orders. You must have a minimum of 8 players for each team to start the game otherwise the game will be a forfeit. If you have 11 players or less to start a game, you must use rule 1 below. If other players arrive, you can use 1 or 2 upon arrival. Once the game has begun, no changes can be made to the scorebook once the game unless authorized by the plate umpire. No players will be added to rosters after the 2nd inning. Before the start of the 3rd inning, the Umpires, coaches, and scorekeepers will review the lineup to double-check anyone listed on the substitution list. If they are not present/playing, they must be removed and the game does not count as play for playoff.

Any changes made to a roster not authorized by the plate umpire result in a forfeit.

1. Kick all players on your lineup.

a. If all players are placed in the kicking order, you can freely substitute your defensive players.

b. If you have an injured player, you are not penalized; that person is just removed from the lineup. (The last kicked out shall replace the injured player) No out is recorded when her turn arrives. Once removed from the game, the player can be returned to the lineup only once; if substituted a second time she may not return.

2. Kicking only 11 players.

a. You must have the same players kicking play on defense.

b. If you substitute a player, she may not return to the game.

c. If you go below 11 players and out is recorded for every player spot missing.

Regulation Games: Regulation games last 1 hour. There will be five innings played. No new inning will start after 55 minutes. Each team must score seven runs or make three out. The umpire will manage the official time. In a tie, we will use the California league rules if time permit (excluding Playoff and Championship games)

California league rules: No extra inning may start if game time has expired. No more than two extra innings can be played. The team shall place the last kicked out on second base. There will be one out. The kicker will have a “full” count. The game will be declared a tie by whichever comes first; two extra innings or expiration of game time.

No special extra-inning rules will be used doing playoffs.

Timeouts: The team captain/coach may request two timeouts per game (20- 25 seconds each)

Inclement weather: If an umpire calls a game off due to inclement weather. Three (3) complete innings or longer shall be considered a regulation game. At the end of the last full inning, the score shall determine the winner. A game will be documented as a tie if the teams have the same score and have completed at least three innings.

Mercy Rule: The game will be considered mercy if the home team is ahead by 15 points after 3 innings or the visiting team is ahead by 15 points after the 4and 5th inning if the visiting or home team is up by 10 the game is ended.

Live ball Rules:

Encroachment – can only be called if the kickball makes contact with the ball

No defensive player may advance pass the 1st-3rd base diagonal restriction line until the ball is kicked. The runner is award 1st base as safe. This decision will be made after the play is completed. (Delayed dead ball)

• The catcher must remain behind the kicker before contact with the ball; The runner is award 1st base as safe. This decision will be made after the play is completed. (Delayed dead ball)

• Pitcher can have one foot in front of the line when releasing the ball but must have BOTH FEET behind the encroachment line (1st – 3rd diagonal line) before the kicker makes contact with the ball. Penalty - The runner is award 1st base as safe. This decision will be made after the play is completed. (Delayed dead ball)

· If the runner is safe, the penalty will be ignored. If an out is made on the play, it will be a delayed dead ball,. The offensive coach will have an option to take the outcome of the play or place the kicker on first and can only advance runners if forced.

Any runner who has not make the turn to the next bases will be returned to the last base gained. If the pitcher makes a play before time has been called, after getting the ball the play will remain alive. Note: if a runner gives themselves up by walking back to the pass – the umpire will immediately call time.

• If a base runner is hit by a kicked ball while in fair territory and is not on base, the runner is out. The play is dead immediately. All runners must return to the base they occupied at the time of pitch. If a kicked ball hits a base runner while on base, she is safe unless she is in a forced run position required to advance to the next base.

• If a runner intentionally touches or stops the ball, the play ends, and the runner is out even if they are on the base.

• Base coaches CAN NOT physically assist any kicker or runner while the ball is in play.

* Runners may not advance on balls caught in foul territory.

* Runners may run continuously on an overthrown ball.


• The strike zone extends to 12 inches on either side of the home plate and 12 inches in height.

• Three balls is an awarded base.

• Pitcher can have one foot in front of the line when releasing the ball but must have both feet behind the encroachment line (1st – 3rd diagonal line) before the kicker makes contact with the ball. Penalty - The runner is award 1st base as safe. This decision will be made after the play is completed. (delayed dead ball foul)

• There is no restriction to how the pitcher can release the ball.

• The pitcher and catcher can only be replaced once per inning.

The pitcher after directed to pitch has 5 seconds after receiving the ball and the kicker is in the box to pitch. The delay will result in an awarded ball.

The pitcher can be directed to pitch after 5 seconds even if the kicker is not at the plate. This pitch is an automatic strick unless kicked.


• The catcher must not restrict the kicker in the process of kicking.

• The catcher must remain behind the kicker before contact with the ball; The runner is award 1st base as safe. This decision will be made after the play is completed. (Delayed dead ball)

• Catcher is to remain at least an arm length behind the kicker. Maintain at least 1 foot on the line or in the catcher’s box.


• Each player must kick in kicking order as printed on the kicking lineup.

• Each player must kick and run for themselves.


• The kicker can step on home plate to kick however, no part of the planted foot may be in front of the plate. A violation is treated as a foul.

• A kicker must run through the safety bag at all times unless the ball is not at the “first base side” EVEN if you are advancing toward second base.

Base Running:

• Neither leading off base nor stealing is allowed.

• A runner off their base when the ball is pitched shall be out!

• If a base dislodges the runner is safe while in the vicinity of the original spot (often marked with an X).

• A runner is out if running more than three (3) feet out of her base path if there is a tag attempt.

• If a base runner advances in front of another runner or touches the runner in front of them the lead runner will be called out.

• Any runner hit above the shoulder as they are running to a base shall be safe. If a runner has fallen completely to the ground (sliding) and the ball hasn’t been released, you are not allowed to hit the runner in the head area. This is an immediate ejection. A second occurrence by the same team is a forfeit.

• A player will be out if hit in the head while sliding, ducking, or performing any act which lowers her head height.

• Tag up becomes legal on first touch. (the defender does not have to have control of the ball only has to have touched the ball in any way by any body part

• If a ball thrown and goes into dead ball territory (dugout, over a fence, etc.) the ball is dead and the runners are awarded the based they are headed to. `

• Runners can run outside the direct base path to avoid contact with the defender. Any contact with the defender can result in an out called by the umpire.


Defensive players can’t cross the encroachment line until the ball has been kicked.

The catcher must remain behind the kicker before contact with the ball.

Defenders can’t be in the base path unless making a play on the ball (FYI stay out of the baseline for safety). The penalty is the runner will be called safe at the base they are headed.

Defenders have the right of way to the ball.

Outfielders must be in grass area unless given a different area to stand doing pregame by umpire,

If the ball is kicked, starts in foul territory and rolls into fair (based on the circumference of the ball) the ball can be called fair by the umpire and is subject to an out by the defense

Strike criteria:

• Pitch threw the strike zone that was not kicked or was missed.

• Must have two bounces before the plate.

• All fouls count toward strikes.

Ball can’t curve or bounce over just the back of the strike zone (back door)

• Double kick, kick in front of plate, contact above the knee are all treated as fouls (If the ball is caught it is an out). Double kick in fair territory result in an automatic out.


A Ball is a pitch outside the strike zone or an illegal pitched.


• Caught ball

• Force

• Interference

• Three strikes, all fouls count as a strike.

Intentionally touching the ball while kicking is an automatic out

* If the kicker touches a pitched ball with hands is out

• * If a base runner advances in front of another runner or touches the runner in front of them, the lead will be called out.

*****INJURY PLAYER substitution can only be made twice***** that can kick but must make it to first base, last person who didn’t reach first can run for them. After the 2nd substitution the player may not return to the game.


Players you paid for 5 to 10 regular-season games, the playoff is an award, the decision for lineups during playoff is at the coaches discretion. Example: if

you haven’t been to practice during the season or you have not been a team player, the coach has the right not to play you in the playoffs. Players must have “Played ” in a minimum of five (5) games during the regular season to qualify to play in the playoffs and/or championship game(s)

Playoff games are same regulation time as regular season games however the California rule will be enforced until a winner is declared.

Championship it is 7 inning no time limit. If there is a tie at the end of the 7th inning the California rule is applied until a winner is declared.

Miscellaneous Rules & Code of Conduct:

Protest of Game should be submitted by Team Coach to Umpire prior to the conclusion of the game. This is included but is not limited to Player eligibility. Some determinations may require research for resolution after the game day. If an ineligible player protest is found to be valid all team games will be subject to review and possible forfeit.

• Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited in the dugout, on the field, in the parking lots and on playground areas.

• No smoking in Park…………

• Children are welcome to all games. Please know where your child is at all times. LET’S TAKE GOOD CARE OF OUR PARK. At the end of the game, parents and children must walk the park to pick up all trash and debris from the grounds. Please clean up behind your kids.

• A player that tampers with or steals items from another, OFFDACHAINDIVAS KICKBALL LEAGUE player will be suspended from the league permanently.

• Teams have the right to vote a player off the team with a 70 percent vote of the entire team to include the coaches and the approval of the Board. No refund granted.

• Teams must respect coaches.

• Coaches must respect players.

• Fighting is not tolerated. You will be suspended from the league

• Players play at their own risk. You are encourages to seek insurance that covers injury during the kickball season The OFFDACHAIN Kickball League does not assume legal responsibility for any player injuries.


Be sure to watch other teams play to get a thorough understanding of the game and to learn as much as possible.

Video all your games!!!

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